12.07.20 Weekly Recap (11/30 – 12/6)

Welcome to the first Fish Village Weekly Recap.

The whole point of this series is to keep you guys informed with the shenanigans that go on at Fish Village. Sometimes we will have really cool updates and sometimes we will have a quick update for ya just to keep the flow of communication alive.

We have been struggling to catch up from our fifteen (15) day road trip. Admittedly, we weren’t as prepared as we would have liked to have been to be gone for two (2) solid weeks. We thought that we could work and play at the same time… though we did quite a bit of work on this trip, we were not able to keep up.

This week was all about getting back into the grove of things… Writing blog articles, expanding our website, getting our online store ready and we still had to wrap up a few more road trip items such as dropping off the trailer and personally handing off the absolutely beautiful custom Crafted Fishing Rods spinning combo to Ryan Plummer of the U.S. Marines and the fishing group Mad Anglers. Ryan was the winner of the Louisiana Road Trip 2020 giveaway.

Early in the week we worked with Rex to push along the launch of our new online store. The dude is a marketing machine… once he understands your brand, his promotional ideas are nearly endless. It is a lot of fun to work with a person that is legitimately fun to hang with and also has a good mind for business. We are less than ten (10) days away from launching our new online shop thanks to his help.

We cranked out six (6) blog posts and added two (2) new pages to the website this week. I’d say we were back in the groove of things…

We finished off the week by pulling the trailer (excuse me, my Dad pulling the trailer) one last time. Sylvia, Joe and I met my Dad in Dana Point to drop off our kayaks before finally dropping off the trailer at the Oceanside shop. This was a great visit as we got to share some of our adventure with Tim Boyer, owner of Pure Watersports and a good friend of Fish Village. It was his trailer that made this trip possible. After we shared some stories and laughs, I handed Tim my damaged Hobie MirageDrive and said… just send me the bill. He always fixes our stuff, he always supports us… we love Tim, Karen and Chris Boyer.

After our Dana Point stop, we continued south on the freeway towards Oceanside to return the trailer. This stop would include a visit with Chris Boyer, and we finally get to hand off the Crafted Fishing Rods custom rod to Ryan Plummer. So that is what we did… we watched Chris do all of the work and move the trailer (thanks Chris) and then jumped on Instagram Live and gave away the rod and reel. Ryan was kind enough to drive down and meet us AND give us a few unexpected gifts. The dude is mighty handy… he gave us custom knives. Ya heard… sorry still talking like I am from Louisiana. A perfect way to close the final chapter of our road trip.

Trip Updates

  • COVID makes trip planning very difficult, as a result we are slow to release some of our trips until we have confidence that we will be able to run them.
  • San Clemente Island (CA) Kayak Mothership trip 2021 season updates pending confirmation from the Islander
  • Cedros Island 2021 season dates are live and actively being booked.
  • South Louisiana trips expected to go live in early spring for Apr/May 2021 trips (subject to change as we continue to develop these trips).

Event Updates

  • Derrick Benton aka the GOAT posted a Facebook Live sharing his real thoughts on hosting GOAT in Navarre next year. It was a real, honest discussion about his concerns as it relates to sponsors and their ability to support an event during a pandemic. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Last Week’s Posts

12.3.20 Time to head home

The absolute worst part of any trip is when it is over. Though we still had over 2K miles to drive… the trip was largely over. Time to reflect, time to think about what is next… time for more FOOD!

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