12.3.20 Time to head home

It sucks to think that the adventure was coming to a close… but all good things must end at some point.

Friday 11/20 – 400 miles to Houston, Texas

We took our time to pack up and say our good-bye’s. Not only did we not want to pack everything back up… we just didn’t want to stop hanging out either. Rob and I were heading the same direction and started planning out lunch stops. The guy couldn’t get enough of us.

It took us a bit of time to get out of the state of Louisiana as we had multiple stops to make including a quick business meeting, a stop to pick up 50 lbs. of dry ice and a stop to pick up boudin balls and chicken crackling. Cuz once you have dem boudin balls and chicken crackling… boy you ain’t the same. YA HEARD!

We pushed on through to the greater Houston area and stopped for the night. We wanted to get home within three (3) days because we were starting to get home sick, Thanksgiving was coming up and we were exhausted. So my Dad and Joe finally had Whataburger… our lives did NOT change forever however we were not dissatisfied either. One thing is for sure… Buc-cee’s is coming up on Saturday!

Saturday 11/21 – 600 + miles to Van Horn, Texas

This haul was a doozy. If we wanted to get home at a decent hour on Monday… we needed to put down some serious miles on one of our full day trips. So we bit the bullet early and used Saturday as our day to drive many, many, many miles pulling a 24 ft. cargo trailer. But first we hit Cracker Barrel as my Dad AND Joe had never been. As suspected… we all fell into the trap that is their country store. But hey… we are contributing to the economy right? Once again… my Dad (Pop’s) proclaimed “THIS IS BOMB” while mowing down some biscuits and gravy. More on “This is Bomb” coming soon.

Next stop… Buc-cee’s. We had to live this Texas experience one more time. We had to walk past rows of ice machines, game feeders and gander at the Great Wall of Candy. In other words… we had to pay our respects to the greatest convenience store known to man. So we used the bathrooms, shopped and contemplated buying things we didn’t need. $80 dollars later as if I had no will power at all, I walked to the truck with an odd sense of un-warranted pride.

I look forward to doing that again on my next road trip through Texas!

We drove and drove and drove some more until we just couldn’t do it anymore. Essentially 12 hours later or 620 some miles later we stopped at Van Horn for the night. Nothing was open but a McDonald’s so we got McBurgers and McNuggets with a side of McShits later on. We barely finished our food before we started to crash. We got a good night sleep knowing that we had a decent haul to Phoenix the next day. Home was in sight.

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