Taste of Louisiana: Redfish on the Half-shell

We learned about this recipe from Eric Muhoberac of the Louisiana Kayak Company during our trip road trip to Louisiana in Nov 2020. This simple fish recipe had the group drooling for more. We had redfish multiple ways that night… this was method was incredible. We had no idea that redfish were so fatty and that played a factor in the deliciousness.



  1. Cover the meat side of the fillets w/ Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning – don’t be skimpy
  2. After the fillets are seasoned, cover fillets in Italian dressing
  3. Marinate for 45 mins.

We recommend a charcoal BBQ for this meal. Heat the coals until they settle nicely at around 500 degrees and then throw on the fillets with the skin side down. Cook for about ten (10) minutes. Open the grill and squeeze some Myers lemon over the fillets. Shut lid for five (5) additional minutes. The meat should flake off in chunks and look all greasy like!


“This is bomb” – Pop’s

“Fuuuuuuc*” – Me

“Where have you been my whole life?” – Also me

“Hmmmmmm, chewing sounds” – EVERYONE

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