11.25.20 OK… We suck at live event blogging

Jokes aside… our intent was to share some of our adventure with you during our trip and we certainly did that through social media, but fell short in the live blogging category. For that we apologize.

There was just so much to do and we also wanted to be present in the moment. I often get ridiculed for spending far too much time working and not enough time living and there is truth to that… so I wanted to keep the work shenanigan’s to a minimum.

So… let me catch you guys up:

Sunday 11/15 – 120 miles driven

It was time to leave PAC and join the rest of the circus in Port Sulphur at Deep Delta Bowfishing‘s camp. This place will be the Fish Village South Louisiana Scouting Trip HQ for the next five (5) nights. That is a tall order considering our group is 18 strong. Rex, Buddy, the Action Van and the California #roadtrippin contingent loaded up and got back on the not so smooth Louisiana roads. A few short hours later we arrived at camp where some of the team members were already chilling.

Within a few short hours our group was complete with eighteen (18) people… How the hell did this happen? How did we manage to pull off this group of kayak anglers?

Brian NelliFlorida
Billy CentroneFlorida
Derrick BentonFlorida
Ivy HarrisFlorida
Brooks BeattyNorth Carolina
Jessica BryantMississippi
Ed HornsbyMississippi
Sean RigbyMississippi
Rex DeGuzmanTexas
Robert FieldTexas (but really a vagabond)
Jesse LandryCalifornia
Paul WilliamsCalifornia
Ryan ArguelloCalifornia
Alex CasillasCalifornia

Plus of course my Dad aka Pops, Joseph Martinez (Head of Marketing), Eric Muhoberac (Louisiana Kayak Company) and yours truly.

After all of the unpacking, hand shakes and hand sanitizing… we got straight into the fishing program with a few opening words from me to the group expressing my appreciation for their company and trust in Fish Village. And then Captain Harris, aka Urban Legend aka Ivy Harris was kind enough to give a short speech to the group about his appreciation for being a part of Fish Village… so him and Derrick Benton of 85th Day partnered up to create an incredible fishing rod that looks more like art than a rod. It was an incredible surprise that meant a lot to me. What a nice way to start the week with this group of people.

From here we handed out our tackle packs that were made possible with the support of Z-Man, Matrix Shad, Buggs Fishing just to name a few. These packs were put together with the idea that every angler would be outfitted with the same toolkit. These toolkits were comprised of highly successful lures, spinnerbaits, swimbaits and more providing each angler with the tools necessary to land these redfish. These kits were well received by our group. Seeing everyone go through their boxes and checking out the goodies was pretty cool to see. This paired with everyone rocking their fresh Fish Village shirts and hoodies made me damn proud. Rex killed it!

A special thanks to all of our tackle and accessory partners… without all of you this trip would have failed to live up to the Fish Village name.

As the night progressed we geared up for our first day of fishing in the marsh. We knew we would have to contend with high winds and flushing water… the Cali boys were about to get an education about marsh fishing for reds. Stay tuned to learn how our first day went!

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