11.17.20 Getting to Louisiana and finally seeing PAC

The haul from California to Louisiana was definitely half of the fun of this adventure… considering we ate our way through the country and visited good friends along the way.

As we crossed through from Houston into Louisiana, we could see the destruction left behind behind from multiple hurricanes and it was hard to see. It was hard to see because we know people are suffering… blue tarps everywhere, trees down, roofs ripped off and rubble piled high.

As we marched towards New Orleans we started getting pretty excited about the notion that this party was about to take off. It is mind boggling that we could assemble this incredible crew during such a challenging time. We have all kinds of fishing talent, photographers and videographers making for incredible content, great Field Trips episodes and so much more.

Our first major stop in Louisiana was PAC aka Point Aux Chene aka PAC Kayak Rental. Within the kayak fishing community PAC is well known for one of the best kayak launches in America. Not just a launch, but a community, a vibe, a place to have a cup of coffee AND a place to call home when travelling through.

We were fortunate enough to spend two (2) nights at PAC before moving to our main destination. This short window was just enough time to rest, learn about an incredible fishery, fish until 3 AM, meet the locals, spend time with Mr. Eddie and Ms. Lisa and enjoy a large community fish fry. What an incredible place… I will remember this place as the first place where I saw the marsh and caught my first redfish and speckled trout. (off the fishing dock). I connected with it immediately, simply said… this place is gorgeous. I will be back (FOR SURE).

More updates coming soon… I apologize for the lack of updates recently. There has been quite a bit to do, long fishing days and ummmm bowfishing from an airboat at night.

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