11.12.20 El Paso to Houston, Texas is BIG

We have been at it for almost four (4) full days and we are STILL not out of Texas… why? Because Texas is f’n big. You hear the that Texas is big and that everything is bigger in Texas… well IT IS.

Wednesday 11/11 – 600 miles driven

We knew that we had to put down some miles on Wednesday in order to keep the trip on schedule and to make an impromptu stop. So we decided to start the day early to ensure that we didn’t have to drive into the wee hours of the night… and we are glad that we did.

So we hit the road at 7:00 AM and started the push… we only made a few stops along the way mainly to fill up the gas tanks. We kept it simple.., snacks, protein shakes and whatever other shit we bought along the way.

Our strategy paid off as we rolled into San Antonio right about 6:00 PM. We had a dinner date with two (2) very special people to my family. We had the incredible privilege to visit my second mother, my after school watcher and one of two of her daughters who was my childhood friend. this opportunity would NOT have been possible if we didn’t get out there and live. This 2.5 hour dinner was something that I will remember for the rest of my life. This is why we travel… such an incredible opportunity.

Sure COVID is ramping back up and is something that we have to take seriously and we are by no means taking that lightly… but with the right precautions and respect for one and another, we can make this work. The good people of Texas are largely participating in social distancing, wearing masks and following guidelines which is incredible to see.

Thursday 11/12 – 300 miles driven

Today we have a short drive to Houston where we are going to meet Rex DeGuzman @ Blood Bros. BBQ at high noon for some epic Texas BBQ. We have been thinking of Texas BBQ for months and today is the day!

Holy shit!!! We were hooting and hollering about every piece of smoked goodness that touched our lips. This place is FIRE. They have the classics with some twists on cultural dishes and I couldn’t have been more impressed. The team that works there was nothing but courteous, fun and informative making the visit that much better.

Smoked brisket fried rice paired with some perfectly smoked brisket and ribs plus SO MUCH MORE. Let’s just say that dinner was not required, but incredible cubano espressos WERE required to remain conscious for the remainder of the day. What a freaking treat! My smoke game ain’t got nothing on these guys.

I skipped over one key milestone today… we got to see Rex’s shirt and sweatshirt prints in the flesh. That means we got to see OUR new Fish Village apparel for the very first time and we could not be more happy. The prints look amazing, the new bait school design looks even better in person and the simple logo design shirts make us proud. Soon, you will have a chance to pick up your own Fish Village gear… we just have to get back home first.

So then we headed for Buggs Fishing where we would meet with owner Heath Hippel to learn about his operation, how to fish his gear AND to pick up a personal package of his amazing lures. This guys makes the coolest looking lures (in our opinion). Cool? What does that mean? Well, he basically ties flies like a traditional fly fisherman would, but they are designed for conventional fishing. His baits imitates mimic shrimp, crabs, mullet and more. He took the time to speak with us about how his products work and we will be able to share that with you soon.

From there we took the rest of the day off and did some work, uploaded photos, wrote a blog, started editing, spoke to Rob Field, Ivy Harris, Rex and Brooks about the final details. Tomorrow we ride to Louisiana with Rex and his pal Buddy… PAC, here we come. I will have a hard time sleeping tonight… IT IS ALMOST TIME TO FISH.

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