11.06.20 Cedros 2021 schedule is live

About damn time right? Our release schedule is just starting to roll out for the 2021 season and Cedros Island gets to call dibs on the first release of the new season.

The 2020 season was cut short before it even got a chance to start. Fortunately the island never saw a case of COVID and they intend to keep that way. The Mexican government kept the island closed to tourism to protect the residents of the island. Though we were bummed that we couldn’t run our trips… we completely understand.

We are expecting a different outcome in 2021. Not only do we expect to be able to run our trips to Cedros Island… we expect the fishing to be ON FIRE. The island hasn’t been getting any pressure because it is closed… the fishing should be silly good!

We are running four (4) groups in 2021 starting in June. You just need to get to San Diego and our trip provider Cedros Kayak Fishing takes care of the rest. We are offering four (4) day and five (5) day packages.


  • 6/25/21 – 6/28/21 (4 day)
  • 6/28/21 – 7/2/21 (5 day)
  • 9/20/21 – 9/24/21 (5 day)
  • 10/15/21 – 10/18/21 (4 day)


  • 4 day – $2,100
  • 5 day – $2,500


  • $500 due within 7 days of booking
  • $500 due by 1/15/21

If our inbox and social media dm’s are any indication… we expect to sell out of these trips quickly. This would be great because it means people are traveling again, it means my good friend Jeff Mariani can continue the amazing work he built in Cedros and we can keep doing what we were meant to do.

So get on it! If you need a reminder, check out Rob’s first visit to Cedros back in Oct 2019.

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