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11.02.20 The new trip experience has arrived

We have never delivered this much change this quickly before in all of the years that Fish Village has been around. I am proud of the efforts this team has put forward to adapt to a changing society, prepare for what is sure to be an epic Louisiana trip and to advance Fish Village and our capabilities.

OK so there is a new site… what does a “new trip experience” mean anyways?

The biggest change we are bringing to the table is that our trips will be linked to our content site which means that we can push trip specific updates to the trip pages so that you can stay up to date on our trip offering. No this won’t replace our customer service department… but instead it will make important trip news easier to find such as COVID updates or season schedule announcements.

Trip Central

Once you land on our website, you are never more than a single click away from our Trip Central. We made it easy on you by putting every trip resource onto a single page.

  • Top Trips
  • Our Locations
  • Our Trips (List)
  • Latest trip news

To learn more, click here.

Location Pages

Every trip we offer starts at a location, thus we felt it would be appropriate to have location specific pages dedicated to that location.

  • Location info
  • Trips offered at that location
  • Google map
  • Latest related news

To learn more, check out the Cedros Island, Mexico location page as an example.

Trip Pages

Each trip experience has a dedicated page with just the right amount of information. Each trip page is linked to a Fish Village location.

  • Trip info
  • Trip Inquiry button aka Book Now
  • Trip FAQs
  • Latest related news

To learn more, check out the 5 Day Kayak Fishing Trip @ Cedros Island, Mexico trip page as an example.

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