11.02.20 Now booking day trips in California and Florida

Truth be told… we never stopped booking day trips. COVID certainly played a role in some slow months during the initial outbreak… but business has been booming ever since.

Our Dana Point inshore guided kayak fishing trip saw a big boost in trip inquiries and a respectable amount of bookings too. Brian of Pushin’ Water Kayak Charters has been reporting full schedules as a result of people wanting to get out of their house and be outside.

So we thought that it was worth a mention that we are day trips are OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We don’t have to book you for a week long adventure somewhere that requires you to have a passport, luggage and a mask… instead we can offer you simple day trips that don’t break the bank.

Current Day Trip Offering as of 11/1

LocationDay Trip
Dana PointInshore Guided Kayak Fishing
So. FloridaFreshwater Guided Kayak Fishing
So. FloridaInshore Guided Kayak Fishing
So. FloridaOffshore Guided Kayak Fishing

To keep up with our day trip offerings… simply click on the links in the Current Day Trip Offering table.

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