11.02.20 GBI New Zealand 2021 season dates (On Hold)

We were so freaking excited about these trips when we launched them back in March. Unfortunately our new trip campaign coincided with the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe. This caused us to cancel our Dec 2020 trips with hopes of sparking up new dates in the spring of 2021.

COVID continues to damper our mood because we cannot land on a date that seems to be a lock for this trip. Instead we are monitoring the New Zealand travel website and the U.S. travel website like a hawk. When we see that you can safely travel without quarantine, we will open up the schedule again.

We want to send you on this trip… but we will NOT do so until it can be done safely.

To learn more about this trip, head over to our trip page. To learn more about Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, head over to our location page.

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