11.02.20 Cedros 2021 season dates coming this week

As most of you already knew or assumed… 2020 was a bust for Cedros Island. COVID forced the Mexican government to shut down the island to tourism in order to protect their fragile community with very little medical infrastructure. Though we were bummed, we certainly understand that the people that call that call Cedros Island home come first. So we set our eyes on the future… that future is about to be released to Fish Village mailing list subscribers first.

This means that our mailing list subscribers will get first “dibs” on newly released and expected to sell out Cedros Island + Fish Village trips. The boys will be running a handful of groups next summer and we would love to see you join the party. Groups are small… 5 anglers + 1 Fish Village host.

We will be sending out the 2021 season dates to our mailing list subscribers on Tuesday 11/3. The dates will be public on Fish Village.com on Friday 11/6.

If you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list yet, please do. It is free and we do NOT spam our customers. Subscribe now.

To learn more about this trip, head over to our trip page. To learn more about Cedros Island, Mexico, head over to our location page.

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