10.28.20 Without our partners… we would struggle to deliver

The blog title is more than a title… it is a sincere statement. Without our partners, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the best fishing experiences.

This is not lost on us… we know that we can’t move a mountain without a team. And our team has grown since the early days of Fish Village and I wanted to take a moment to introduce them to you and say thank you for their support.


NRS has been supporting Fish Village for the last couple of years by providing the core team with top quality safety equipment, apparel and dry gear.

NRS will continue to provide support for our trip development projects, core team and pro staff.


Z-Man, maker of some of the toughest plastic on the planet and all around artificial tackle solutions ranging from Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, to limitless plastics, jig heads, and more.

Without hesitation they jumped at the opportunity to support our trip development program.

Matrix Shad

Matrix Shad is a Louisiana company that understands their fishery and demographic. Maker of a variety of plastics, hard baits, corks and more.

Matrix Shad will support our southeastern US trip development projects, core team and pros staff.

Buggs Fishing

Buggs Fishing makes some of the coolest looking fly-fishing style artificial lures for the southeastern inshore fisheries.

Buggs Fishing will support our southeastern US trip development projects, core team and pros staff.

We have been blessed with some long time supporters that understood what Fish Village was trying to accomplish from the get-go. These companies, their employees and families have become an extension of our family.

Pure Watersports of Dana Point / Oceanside

The good people at Pure Watersports have been supporting me personally and my company for the last eight (8) years by providing a home base for our local kayaking adventures, tournaments and guided fishing outings. Tim and Chris are always there to lend a hand, fix our kayaks and even travel + fish with us.

When we told them that we were heading to Louisiana and that we wanted to do a road trip… they offered to let us take their 20+ ft. enclosed trailer so that we can get our kayaks and fishing gear to Louisiana and back safely. Incredible… does your shop support you like that? If they do… hold onto them forever!

Reebs Lures

We have been rep’n Reebs Lures since the early days of Fish Village. Why?.. well for starters they are rad, they work and we get custom builds. Sooo what is not to like? But the real reason we use them… the people.

The people that make up Reebs Lures are now my brothers and sisters. This company is run by a family that puts nothing but heart and soul into their products. They stand by us, they love us… thus we stand by them and we love them!

Thank you to our new partners and to our trusted ol’ pals. You make our village what it is.

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