10.25.20 2 weeks until we hit the road + NRS support

Ummmmm we are two (2) weeks out… I repeat… we are two (2) weeks away from lift-off. Boxes are piling up and the gear keeps coming. We are in full swing preparing for what should be an amazing two (2) week adventure.

We have been getting shit done too…

  • Brake controller for towing handled
  • Buggs Fishing gear arrived and is ready to get bit
  • NRS dry bags arrived for the Fish Village trip development team
  • Canon R5 purchased (DOPE)
  • Canon R L Series 70-200 mm lens purchased (SICK)
  • All Daiwa reels spooled up with Tasline (Thanks Marty!)
  • Enjoyed some Pliny
  • Nearly completed the new trip experience for our website (expect to release this coming week)
  • Finalized first run of our new merch
  • Arranged kayak pickups with the boys from Above the Hook Productions and our teammate Jesse Landry

The good folks at NRS wanted to make sure that Fish Village was outfitted for success. Without hesitation they sent us their best bags from their repertoire for the Fish Village trip development team. Each Fish Village partner will receive the following:

  • NRS Bill’s Bag Dry Bag 65L
  • NRS Heavy-Duty Bill’s Bag Dry Bag 110 L
  • NRS High Roll Duffel 35L
  • NRS Tuff Sack 10L
  • NRS Tuff Sack 25L
  • NRS Ether Hydrolock Dry Sack 5L

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with NRS in a capacity that enables us to do what we love to do. They have been a great partner over the past couple of years and we see them being a big part of just about everything we do moving forward. Thank you NRS for supporting our team and our vision!

More about our partners coming soon! Next week (tomorrow actually), we start receiving our Z-Man orders for the Louisiana crew. Let’s just say that the crew will be well outfitted.

Be sure to follow along with us via our Louisiana Road Trip 2020 page.

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