10.24.20 Made the switch to the Plano Edge tackle system

For the people that know me personally, there is no surprise that I am getting way too excited about organizing my tackle. I pride myself in my organization skills, especially when it comes to tackle and gear. So when I saw the new Plano Edge tackle system… I whipped out the credit card and threw down.

By the way… this is NOT a paid endorsement from Plano Molding, we have no affiliation with them at all. Don’t mind me… this is just me oversharing how I manage my tackle.

Why did I make the switch from plain ol’ Plano tackle boxes to this fancy new system:

  • Quality materials used
  • Highly functional and practical
  • No more cutting dividers
  • No more swivels mixed in with your hooks
  • Easy one handed latch
  • Multiple form factors
  • Watertight
  • Oversized options for spinnerbaits and large tackle items

I haven’t field tested these yet… that will happen in Louisiana next month. Once they get wet, slimy and banged around a bit… I will report back and let you all know how it went.

To see these in action… follow us on our Louisiana Road Trip next month.

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