10.18.20 3 weeks until we hit the road

It feels like we are leaving next week… but thank goodness we have three more weeks because shit is getting crazy. I mean don’t get us wrong, we want to hurry up and leave already, but we still have some logistics to work through.

We have gear bags, tackle, tackle storage, more tackle, camera gear, hat samples, memory cards, Pliny (damn straight) and a few other things arriving this week. The UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx are all making a stop at FV HQ at least once this week… if not multiple times.

We have been assembling tackle packages for the Louisiana crew with gear from Z-Man, Matrix Shad and Buggs Fishing. It will be an all artificial fishing battle for Louisiana reds for this team.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been immersing myself into the various ways people catch redfish and other southeast inshore species. Every time I learn about how to fish for a new species I have to accept the fact that I am going to be lost initially. But with the help of my friends who just happen to be seasoned professionals… I am at least starting to understand how we are going to target redfish. I find it very interesting that redfish fall for some of the same fishing tactics as freshwater bass, I would have never guessed, then again I know next to nothing about largemouth bass either.

Crafted Fishing Rods and Above the Hook Productions released a sexy video on YouTube showcasing the giveaway built. It is freaking rad. To make it easy… we have it right here (see below). To enter to win… be sure to tag three friends on either Facebook or Instagram and then head over to our Louisiana Road Trip 2020 page to enter to win.

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