10.15.20 Another one… Brian Nelli joins the Louisiana team

We wanted to assemble a crazy good team for this content, media, trip development blitz that we are about to go on next month. We wanted some newbie’s to the marsh/redfish scene and we wanted some pros that can help us catch some fish… our poor guide can’t help fifteen (15) people at once now can he… or can he?

Having the likes of someone like Brian Nelli… dude that slays fish anywhere in any kind of water makes us a stronger team. We will have local perspective + perspective from professionals that have fished for redfish/various inshore species in other waters such as Mississippi, Florida and North Carolina. I can’t think of a better way to learn but with a group of professionals with various backgrounds. This is going to be overwhelmingly and outrageously fun!

The team keeps getting stronger with each addition and we ain’t done yet!

Brian Nelli background: Owner, head guide of Pushin’ Water Kayak Charters in south Florida. He is an accomplished kayak tournament angler within the United States and abroad. He is also a partner in our trip development program with new trips being offered on FishVillage.com in 2021.

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