10.14.20 How do you Fish Village?

Weird question right? How does one Fish Village?

How many of you have been to Austin, Texas? I wish I could say that I was one of them… but what I do know is that they have a cool motto. They like to say… ‘Keep Austin Weird,’ which tells you a little bit about the place the moment you read that motto. Then as you experience Austin you start to understand and live it.

Well that same concept applies to Fish Village. Our community likes to get down differently than others. We fly across the globe to fish for Black marlin on a kayak in sharky waters and we yoke on massive pelagic fish in a tiny plastic boat. We scrounge every penny we have to go on epic adventures only to come back sore, tired and questioning why we did it. Then the ridiculous memories you form while kayak fishing smack you on the back of the head reminding of why we do this.

So… how does one Fish Village?

  • You live life with your heart,
  • You care about each other unconditionally,
  • You absolutely rip each other when you fish, no holding back kind of jokes,
  • You clog the radio waves with hilarious chatter and get yelled at by the U.S. Coast Guard,
  • You might curse like a sailor,
  • 8% IPAs sound good to you at 5:30 AM (safely of course),
  • Just about anyone in your clan would say “f*** it, let’s do it!”
  • You say “you are a worthless angler” and “congrats on a nice catch” in the same sentence,
  • You love your active duty military and veterans,
  • At a drop of a hat, you are there for your community,
  • Bourbon… it is a must,
  • You lie and tell your buddy that you will get him shrimp, but buy him cooked shrimp instead,
  • You clog the toilet and lie about it,
  • You absolutely laugh at farts,
  • You have terrible tan lines,
  • You never poach, but ninja fishing is cool,
  • You rather skunk than not fish,
  • You lie to your significant other about how much you actually spend on fishing gear,
  • You like good eats, good peeps and good fishing!

If any of this sounds like you… you might know how to Fish Village already and maybe you can teach us a thing or two. If we sound like your kind of people then you might want to keep up with our shenanigan’s when we take off for Louisiana next month. To keep up, click here.

I am sure the fish love cooked shrimp… well played Charlie!
Joe had to adjust the camera to make this work… soooooo white!

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