10.13.20 B.T.T. Louisiana Trip Planning Pt. 2

If you were to ask me what is at the center of this Louisiana effort, I would say that we are trying to put our best foot forward in our own backyard and connect people from all over the United States to incredible fishing adventures. This means more to us now than ever. Let’s re-connect with the great fisheries America has to offer.

COVID has been a curse to many, very few have positive things to say about it. With all of that negative comes a few positives. We saw an opportunity to take our trip development program and rapidly build out new domestic locations with everything we have learned over the last few years.

This trip is the culmination of our “pivot”… yeah just like Ross said in Friends. This is setting us up for a very interesting 2021 which could see multiple new location and trip offerings.

The Fish Village way dictates that we live the experience. So that is what we are going to f’n do! We are going to live up the opportunity as if it were our last trip. This means we are going to cram in as much as possible on the road trip, visit as many great people and operations as we can, fish as much as humanly possible and EAT!

We have some incredible partners getting behind this Louisiana program… NRS, Z-Man, BerleyPro, Tasline, Matrix Shad, Buggs Fishing and ActionHat have signed up to make sure that we can provide the best gear for our locations… what a team! This is just the beginning.

To keep up with our Louisiana Road Trip 2020… click here.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Photo: We want the redfish equivalent in Louisiana… look at Brooks’ stud snapper, from his recent trip to New Zealand.

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