10.12.20 Brooks Beatty + Louisiana Nov 2020 “Another one!”

Another one… queue DJ Khaled.

Brooks Beatty was such a hit in New Zealand that we just had to have him onboard for our next go around. He is a talented videographer, editor, angler that instantly connected with our crew. His skillset coupled with his knowledge of the Louisiana fishery made this a no brainer. He will be supporting Robert Field, host of Field Trips YouTube series to capture our adventure in Venice Louisiana.

We really like Brooks and expect him to be on future expeditions assuming our schedules continue to align. He is a perfect match for our team and he does something we are all not good at… fly fishing. This is a segment of the fishing industry that we want to explore more of… we see some opportunity for us to create some incredible fishing adventures much like we do for the kayak fishing community. But before we do, we want to create MORE incredible kayak fishing and small boat fishing adventures for you with Brooks in the mix.

If you didn’t have enough reason to follow us along our journey, you do now! Remember that we will be blogging the entire trip, you can keep up with the Fish Village crew by following us on social media and on our Louisiana Road Trip 2020 dedicated page.

If you haven’t seen any of his handy work, check out the incredible work he did for NRS with the A Resilient Paradise series. Here is a Facebook link to his latest short film shot in PAC Kayak Rental in where else… Louisiana.

Below is his first installation in the A Resilient Paradise series focusing on the Bahamas. With a backdrop like that, people will keep coming! Take a moment to watch the series to support our friends at NRS and the work that Brooks did.

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