10.09.20 Introducing a new way to Fish Village

We have been hustling behind the scenes to bring you a content first website with fresh posts and updates to keep you all in the loop. Updates about our company, trips, events and more. Editorials, trip reviews, insights, behind the scenes by the Fish Village team. How-to articles and videos by the Fish Village fishing team, friends and partners.

Sure we change website platforms like people change underwear… however with each iteration we get better as we provide a more meaningful experience and we simplify our ability to keep it up to date. This is important because if it is hard to keep it up to date… then we will struggle to keep up.

Since we have so much to do, so much to say and so little time… we had to break up this project into three phases:

Phase 1Launch new website10/8
Phase 2Launch updated trips experienceEarly Nov 2020
Phase 3Launch online storeEarly – mid Dec 2020

Good news is, everyone can still go to http://www.fishvillage.com to keep up with Fish Village. Though we have an upgraded website platform with a bunch of new content, we still have some work to do to get the trips experience up and running again. We expect that to take up to 2-3 weeks.

We thank you for your patience during this transitional period.

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