09.24.20 Are we giving up on international trips?

The short answer is an enthusiastic HELL NO.

We along with the rest of the travel community recognize that the impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic are here to stay for quite some time… some are arguing it could bleed into 2022. Regardless of how long this lasts, we believe that the average person that likes to travel will still be cautious about jumping on a plane and heading to another country.

One of the many downsides to COVID is that we cannot predict when this will be over, thus we have to prepare ourselves for slow international travel interest and cautious travelers.

Thank goodness we live in America… the land of the free and giant fish! Though we will be slowing down our international trip development program for a couple of years, we will NOT be slowing down our domestic trip development program. In fact… we are speeding up.

Stay tuned for more US based fishing adventures.

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