03.12.20 Introducing our New Zealand Kayak Mothership trips

Over the last 13 months we have been working diligently to bring a new kayak mothership trip experience to our customers. Something that fires up the kayak fishing community, a trip that pushes the boundaries of our perceived reach and lastly… something that we would be proud of. Well… we did it.

Introducing our latest trip offering… Kayak Mothership Fishing Trips at the Great Barrier Islands in New Zealand.

This milestone represents our unwavering commitment to bringing our customers the very best bucket list experiences. New Zealand alone is on many people’s bucket list (including my own) however that wasn’t enough for us… we wanted lots of fishing and more specifically kayak fishing. And if that wasn’t enough, we wanted to take those kayaks offshore and offer anglers a fishing experience unlike any other. So with Martyn Gittens help… we did just that.

Marty Gittens, owner of BerleyPro and Tasline started putting together trips and then started sharing his experiences with his friends. A trip to Panama, a separated shoulder and LOTS of beer later… we found ourselves planning our first trip to New Zealand.

Fast forward to now, fresh off our latest trip (which unfortunately I was not able to go on) and we find ourselves sharing this amazing fishing experience with you all.

This trip would NOT be possible without the amazing contributions from Marty Gittens. You sir are a crazy genius and the number one reason this trip is a reality. You are as brilliant as you are kooky and we wouldn’t have you any other way.

You can’t have a mothership trip without a captain… that is a fact. Aaron Covacich, the captain of the Bounty Hunter helps make this trip stand out. His commitment to his guests and having a good time is one of the fundamental reasons why we believe in this trip so much. Aaron is a legend and we are honored to work with him.

Lastly, our friends at Catch Fishing have stepped up to make sure that our guests have the best gear in New Zealand. John Donald, owner of Catch Fishing builds tackle packages for our guests to ensure they are well equipped. He has been a supporter of this venture since day one. This is the cherry on top.

Between BerelyProTaslineBounty Hunter ChartersCatch Fishing and the Fish Village team… I am confident that we have built something special and I could not be more proud. Thank you to my team, my wife, Marty, Aaron and John for helping create yet another amazing kayak fishing experience.

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